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Environment Friendly Décor Home Ideas

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Climate change has been one of the major global issue that the world is facing right now. In fact, did you notice how warm was this winter? The earth’s temperature is hitting up gradually and its effect can be seen throughout the globe. Evidently, one of the main reason for climate change is greenhouse gases produced by human activities. Therefore, the only creature that is to blame for this problem is human beings. However, if everyone could make even smallest change is their lifestyle, this problem of climate change can be reduced easily. People can reduce the use of plastic bags, straws and switch to environment friendly products such as paper bags, metal straws and even wooden toothbrush.

Also, if you want to create an impact among your friends and family, try decorating your home with environment friendly products. In case you are wondering, here is the list of some of the best ideas to incorporate natural materials in your home décor.

Hand-Painted Pebbles

You can easily find stones of different shapes and sizes in your garden. Put on your creative hat and start painting. In fact, you can paint those stones with various colors and even let your kids design them. Paint funny smileys and emoticons and keep them in a bowl in your living room.

Nature-Inspired Art

This is one of the simplest yet beautiful environment friendly décor idea for your home. Just find some twigs and flower petals and let them dry. Then stick the dry twigs and flower petals on the frame. You can also hang them just like that or put a glass as a cover for added protection.


If you are planning to work a little harder, then ikebana is the perfect décor ideas for you. Ikebana is a Japanese art of flower arrangement where very stem, flower, and leaf can be utilized in a creative and decorative manner.

You’ll need a pair of sharp scissors with a large stout and thick blades that can help in shearing the leaves and delicate flower petals. Also, you can easily buy an Ikebana floral arrangement from a local store or make your own. The containers and vases comes in various styles and sizes as well.

Wind Chime

You don’t have to buy wind chimes from gift shops anymore. If you love to collect seashells from a beach, then you can simply go for a simple nature-inspired wind chime. Put the shells together in a string and join all the strings on a disk. After that, hang them at a place where the wind blows and hear the gentle tinkering of the seashells. You can even hand-paint the seashells if you want to add more beauty to your wind chime.

Desk Terrariums

Terrariums is a sealable glass container containing soil and plants, and can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside. You’ll just need a glass container, succulents, cacti or plant materials that require zero maintenance to make your own terrariums. To make it more interesting, you can use small attractive figurines as well. You can place them in your desk or hand them in your ceilings.

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