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How to Check Quality of Construction of an Apartment

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Living in an apartment has been a popular trend in Nepal. People nowadays prefer to buy a flat in a colony than to build a house. Due to easy maintenance, the popularity of these smaller units and apartment is increasing. The real-estate developers are also in the rush to develop these apartments. In a rush to build these, builders and constructors may not pay attention to overall construction quality. This results in a poorly built apartment with cracked walls and a rickety floor. Therefore, make sure to check the quality of construction before you invest your life’s savings to buy a flat. If you are wondering on how to inspect the quality, worry not! This article will help you to know the quality checkmark of construction of a flat.

Soil Test

It is important to check the quality of soil on the construction site before building an apartment. To ensure the building’s stability, the type of soil on which the foundation of your apartment is built is crucial. Every builder should get the soil tested and certified by the government before they initiate the construction process. Bedrock and loam soil is recommended by experts for building construction. However, foundation made with clay and black cotton soil is not durable.  

Concrete Mix

The strength of concrete determines the load a structure can bear and carry. However, the concrete mixture differs from apartment to apartment depending on the load and how tall the apartment is. Thus, check the tested concrete grade documents from the builders. You can also check the quality of concrete used for construction by driving a nail into the wall. If the nail gets inside easily without any effort, then it means that the concrete quality is not up to the mark.  

Paint, Wall and Flooring

Make sure to take a good look at the outer walls and the paint of the house. You would require a major maintenance cost once you start living if the plaster is coming off. Don’t forget to look at the exterior and interior walls for any particular signs of uneven surfaces or any seepage issues. To check if the construction of the floor, roll out some marbles on the floor. If it slopes down to one side it means the flooring is uneven.

Fittings and Fixtures

When you are buying a home or apartment, you should pay attention to the minute details while inspecting the construction quality of a home. Go around and check if all switches and electric accessories are of good quality. They should ensure smooth functioning too. Don’t forget to check if the kitchen and bathroom fittings such as taps, shower-heads, wash basin and drainage pipes are in good condition. If the fixtures are of poor quality it shows the constructors did not pay much attention to detail in the construction.

Safety Features

Check the safety measures taken by the developer such as earthquake resistance, emergency evacuation or fire exit. Also, check the size and space of the stairway. It should be wide enough for two people to run alongside, in case of emergency. When you are living in an apartment with other people, these safety features plays an important role in case of emergency.


Nowadays, apartments are built as a skyscraper and an elevator seems mandatory. Therefore, make sure to check for the license and maintenance of the elevator as taken by the developer. You should also check for various features of the elevators such as:

  • Speed Governor – This device controls the speed of the elevator.
  • Over travel – Electromechanical limit switches avoid collision from the ceiling with the ground.
  • Automatic Rescue – During any emergency service or a power cut, this battery-operated device brings the lift to the nearby floor.
  • Buffer Springs – These are high-grade springs under the elevator which absorb some mechanical energy & reduce the impact of falling lift on the people inside.

These tips will help you make an informed decision while buying an apartment. If you are about to sell, buy, or rent any real estate materials, you can always visit

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