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15 Best Exterior Design of Homes Only at Basobaas

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Firstly, is a Real Estate Advertising Platform for brokers, house owners, landlords, and real estate agents. Secondly, both buyers and sellers can use this website. Currently, there is more than 10 thousand property listed on with some best exterior included in it.

So, here we are about to discuss the best exterior listed on in 2019.

Here are 15 beautiful exterior of


It is a beautiful two and a half storied modern semi-furnished bungalow. Designed in European style structure, this bungalow is located near “Budhanilkantha Temple” in Kathmandu. This perfectly built bungalow covers a total area of 17.3 aana land and is built in a 0-4-1-1 aana land area. Hence, with its exquisite looks, it has one of the best exteriors we can count on.


Karyabinayak homes are located in the vicinity of Bhainsepati in an exquisite 50 ropani community. The exterior of these homes is modern and classy. In fact, the color combination and balcony have made this house really amazing. Only a few houses at Karyabinayak homes are left for sale right now.


This house has a really amazing exterior. In fact, plain white color looks great in this modern house design. Furthermore, the exterior of this bungalow has a modern look with ample light reaching in every room from the north. Moreover, a living room with a well-maintained bathroom and modular kitchen make this bungalow perfect for family who likes to have a healthy and organized living.


This is a beautiful two and a half storied modern semi-furnished bungalow. Moreover, It is designed by an American architect. In fact, it is perfected under the supervision of a structural engineer and is located at a very prime area “Dhobhighat” in Lalitpur. Furthermore, this house was listed in Basobaas in 2019 to sell.


This modern design looks amazing with its perfect fencing which has lots of glass windows. Moreover, this house has a nice color combo which looks great.


This house has modern design. Glass fencing is one of the cool factor of this house. Moreover, slightly slanted roof looks so fancy and modern.


This Neo-classical looks great with its modern touches. Classical terrace has make this house more pretty. White color with blue lines has make this house’s design more bright. Slanted roof’s design is so cool in this house.


This house has European architectural design which is beautiful. Slanted roof looks great in this small house. Different layers on the house is another great factor of design in this house.


Though this house is built on narrow area, design is perfect. This house has modern design with glass fence on balcony which looks amazing. Moreover, the half curve section has make this house more classy.



This house has great classical design with slightly slanted roof. Moreover, this design looks good with brown color which has made this house more bright.


This house has modern design. Its white color has make this house bright and fancy. Moreover, the Outdoor space of the first floor looks really amazing in this house.


Rosevilla Colony

This is design of houses in Rose villa colony which are on Neo-classical design with some modern touches. In addition, Balcony and windows are really amazing in this design.


This house has traditional looks with modern glass window. The stone wall looks great. Moreover, the entrance is so unique in this house which makes this house looks different.


This house has exterior modern design. Evidently, the balcony with big glass door and window looks classy in this design.


This house has built on combination of modern and classical design which looks nice. In addition, a wooden door with glass windows on the side looks great in this design.


These are some of the best exterior designs of Basobaas. Hope you like this blog. Which design do you like most? Please do comment and suggest us.

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